HCA's network

HCA's network

An informal, polycentric and open network

Until the 2000s', HCA had its main office in Prague, and had organized worldwide conferences in Prague (1990), Bratislava (1992), Ankara (1993), Tuzla (1995) and Bakou (2000). Then, HCA started to work more like an informal network than a continuous organization. This network is still a reference for many actors, facilitating multiple cooperation activities between its members or with other associations and movements. Its conflict "expertise" has been sought today by civic groups in regions outside the initial development of HCA, notably in Israel-Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Kashmir, the Sahara, etc. 

Members of the network have initiated numerous activities such as the Seminars for Dialogue and Mutual Understanding or "SIDU" organized for several years with young activists, dialogue actions in the South Caucasus, the Armenian-Turkish dialogue Yavats Gamats, the CLAIM network Citizen Network for Peace, Reconciliation and Human Security in the Balkans and Turkey, the Peace Event in Sarajevo in 2014, animated many meetings during the World or European Social Forums.

Numerous personalities have participated in the creation and initiatives of HCA; political leaders such as Vaclav Havel, Michel Rocard, Bronislav Geremek, Georges Papaandreou, Jack Ralite, Robin Cook, etc. or civil society and academic personalities such as Sonia Licht or Natasa Kandic (Serbia), Mary Kaldor, Hilary Wainwright or Joyce Mc Millan (United Kingdom), Mient Jan Faber (Netherlands), Murât Belge (Turkey), Zdravko Grebo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Perikles Korovesis (Greece), Arzu Adbullaieva (Azerbaijan), Anahit Bayandour (Armenia), Sareh Nusseibeh or Walid Salem (Palestine), Amy Ayalon (Israel), Edgar Morin, Pierre Hassner, Gustave Massiah (France) etc., etc.


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