Who we are

Who we are

History of our network and organization 

The international civic network "Helsinki Citizens' Assembly" was founded in Prague in 1990 by people and activists working in different countries for human rights, peace and conflict resolution in Central, Eastern Europe or in Caucasus. It is a non-commercial movement based on the participation of individual activists from NGOs and public movements. Its main goals are the protection of democracy, human rights, peace and widening the possibilities of civil society. The name "Helsinki" is a direct reference to the "Helsinki Accords" of 1975. The main goal of this movement was to promote an international cooperation, based on a "bottom up" dynamic, to impulse security, peace and cooperation in Europe.

Since its creation, AEC has been taking part in many initiatives for the development of citizens’ initiatives, euro integration, peace, social justice, democracy and human rights. During the last few years, AEC monitored closely the situation in Ukraine especially on topics like: IDP, justice, human rights and conflict consequences. Along with other French organization, we mobilize our network in France and abroad in order to talk about the situation in Ukraine and promote a dialog between civil societies in Ukraine and Russia.

The French branch - Assemblée Européenne des Citoyens


The French branch of the European network HCA was created in 1990. 

AEC is an active member of different networks with others NGOs in France and abroad. In France, IPAM or CRID are important partners. Besides, AEC is working with independent media, and is involved in social forums. 


Chairman - Bernard Dreano

French team - Philippe Bourdier, Anne Le Huérou, Pauline Maufrais, Iris Muraz, Florent Schaeffer et Eric Simon.

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