Réunion à Kiev de la plateforme CivilM+ 2-4 mars 2020

Réunion à Kiev de la plateforme CivilM+ 2-4 mars 2020

Communiqué suite à la réunion de la plateforme CivilM+ qui réunit des organisations des sociétés civiles ukrainienne, russe et européenne (Allemagne, France, Pologne, Pays Bas) et dont l’AEC est partie prenante.

Together for conflict resolution in Donbas. Independent civil society organizations from Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and France met in Kyiv. They are members of the open international platform CivilM+. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of the implemented projects, to design an action plan for the future, to root common values and vision, and to meet new members of the platform. In the recent months, such organizations as Caritas Ukraine, FIDH – International Federation for Human Rights, peace organization PAX from the Netherlands have joined the platform.

In total, CivilM+ unites 19 organizations and three independent experts. Within the CivilM+ network, they inform their governments and communities about the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, implement projects in the spheres of peacebuilding, transitional justice, dialogue and human rights, contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbas.

Plus d’informations sur : http://bit.ly/3asjVjI


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