STATEMENT : « Human safety and ceasefire are a priority. »

STATEMENT : « Human safety and ceasefire are a priority. »

L’Assemblée Européenne des Citoyens a co-signé une déclaration de la plateforme internationale CivilM+ sur la résolution du conflit dans le Donbass concernant la nécessité d’un cessez-le-feu à l’Est de l’Ukraine et d’assurer la sécurité humaine. La déclaration a eu lieu en réaction au plan en douze étapes sur la résolution du conflit armé en Ukraine présenté dans le contexte de la conférence internationale sur la sécurité à Munich le 14 février 2020.

Ci-dessous la version en anglais : 

We, the independent non-governmental organisations, members of the international civic platform CivilM+, are convinced that the security of the civilian population should be a priority in all plans for the peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Therefore, any such plan, among its first steps, should foresee complete and immediate cessation of hostilities. Withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, cessation of military and any other interference of Russia in controlling Ukrainian territories of Donbas, restoration of Ukraine’s control over the international border are among other prerequisites for sustainable peace and legal settlement of the conflict in the region.

Notably, these necessary conditions are absent in the “Twelve Steps to Strengthen Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region” document presented during the Munich Conference.

We also believe that it is fundamentally incorrect to develop plans to settle the conflict in the territory of Ukraine without the full-fledged participation of Ukrainian public organizations, experts and representatives of public authorities. From the start, this approach deprives the “Twelve Steps” plan of legitimacy and feasibility.

Besides, we cannot agree with such points as the introduction of a special regime of economic relations between Donbas and Russia, as well as with the possible easing of international sanctions against Russia while the hostilities and the occupation of Ukrainian territories continue. We are cautiously looking at the paragraph on a new national dialogue on identity: its formation is a permanent process and the prerogative of the people of Ukraine.

At the same time, we support a number of proposals mentioned in this document: improvement of the situation with freedom of movement in the conflict zone, systematic demining, search for missing people, elimination of threats to the environment, promotion of economic recovery of Donbas.

We are convinced that plans for a peaceful settlement can be implemented only on the basis of mutual understanding and clear vision of the future of the region by Ukrainians, and these can be achieved only through a comprehensive open dialogue after the cessation of the hostilities.

Signataires :

DRA, Germany

Memorial Deutschland, Germany

Human Rights Center “Memorial”, Russia

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Ukraine

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, Ukraine

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, France

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland

Center for Civil Liberties, Ukraine

Centre of public initiatives “Ideas for Change”, Ukraine

Truth Hounds, Ukraine


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